Craft Corner, Vol. 01

So I didn’t plan this well, taking photos along the way. But hopefully there are enough photos to give you the general idea if you want to try to make one yourself.

The Quiet Crayon Catcher


Pumpkin has a favorite activity during quiet times in the church service: making as much noise as possible. 4 kids in, I try not to let it bother me. At the same time, I like to keep her noise to a minimum if I can control it in any way.

Enter tonight’s project!


While at Michael’s this afternoon, I saw they had their photo boxes on sale 7/$10 (that’s $1.43/ea… I did the math). These are the boxes we use for church crayons, but the current one is breaking and super loud when the girls toss crayons in the box. I decided that, before bringing the new one to church, I wanted to try lining it to cut down the noise.




I used this thick batting and Aileen’s Tacky glue to attach the batting to the walls and floor of the box. After that was pieced and glued, I raided my fabric remnants, cut a piece to fit (and slightly overlap) the outside of the box, then put glue on the top of the batting (one side at a time) cutting in at the corners to help fit the material without wrinkles.



Finally, I put glue on the outside top edges, a little less than an inch down, for where the material comes over the top to keep it in place.


I’m not sure I’m explaining it well, but I’m open to questions. The hubs and I joked that it could be a cat casket (made worse with dog fabric). What I am sure of is that it’s So Much Quieter! I’ve been throwing pens in the box just to hear the soft thud =)


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