First of Many Anniversaries

Well… we made it through a month since Sebastian’s birth! Personally, I keep vacillating back and forth between “has it already been a month?” and “has it really only been a month?” February is kind of cruel in it’s exactly 4 weeks-ness. March is a sort of “Groundhog Month” in that Monday the 6th is still Monday the 6th. As the busyness of the past 4 weeks has settled and we’re back into our old routine, there is more time to think (which isn’t always a good thing). I’m so thankful for the posts and letters and notes and sermons and photos and videos to go back to and see just how much we have gone through – how far we have come – by God’s grace and the strength and support and prayers of His people. Our people.

Physical healing is happening, both from the birth and the two house-wide plagues that have passed through since. Our planned month hiatus from school has ended and we’re back in the swing of things as of yesterday. Slowly baby clothes and cloth diapers are being sorted and stored away, homebirth supplies are being rehomed and disassembled, the innocent comments of 4 and 5 year old girls don’t sting as much. We received the photos from Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep on Sunday – so there are a few more visual memories of Sebastian to print out and revisit. It was hard, too, realizing that they’re the last of the new. But the comfort still remains that this is temporary, and that we have a God who sees us in our sorrow and doesn’t leave us there, but turns our sorrow into joy! Thank you for walking this road with us.


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