Then life goes off the tracks again…

I was so excited that writing seemed to be taking off again.  I was on top of it, I had ideas flowing, averaging about 6 posts a week!

Then my youngest got a cold. That cold turned into having to miss church on Palm Sunday (I wasn’t all that excited about that, to be honest – poor kiddo.  I did apologize).  That missing church turned into calls and texts flying back and forth with our “nurse friend.” And those calls turned into taking her into the ER for what, I assumed, would either be getting told to go home or just a quick steroid treatment for atypical croup and and out we go again.

I was wrong.

Poor princess skipped the line and even skipped triage.  The nurse came out to us when he heard how fast her breathing was.  A couple breathing treatments and steroids helped immediately, but didn’t help for long.  Next thing we knew, we were spending a couple days in the hospital on oxygen.  Sweet princess!

In the end, she got better quicker than the doctor expected.  Thankfully we’ll be present at the rest of Holy Week and big brother’s confirmation at the Easter Vigil.  My little spunky punky is feeling much better, and next time I won’t put off a trip to the ER “just” because she’s breathing “a little fast.”

Super patient

She was a super patient!

(Hopefully life is back on track for posts being regular again)


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